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Experience London with Gift Experience Days!


Here at Gift Experience Day, we think Dr. Johnson's dictum about the capital city was spot on - anybody who's tired of London must be tired of life. 

If you take in the sunset  from The Shard - Europe's tallest building -  via a Gift Experience Day, you'll get a bird's eye view of the city lights.  There's so much to do and see in London: you can cruise along the Thames, gaining a sense of the city's history from a new perspective. Step back in time aboard a period bus for the London Wartime Tour to get a sense of the city during its darkest hours. A picture guide enables you to do a "then and now" comparison as you pass by areas flattened during the Blitz. And if you want a flavour of older, more gruesome London, you might try the Jack the Ripper Sinister London tour. You turn detective while visiting the locations where this man (whose identity is still debated) committed his horrendous crimes, ending at the Ripper and his victims' local, The Ten Bells.


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