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Get off the sofa with the Gift Experience Day collection of adventuring and extreme sports activities!

Here at Gift Experience Day we can't think of too much that beats the Great British countryside!
With so much to see and do out there it can sometimes be hard to know where to start, so we've come up with an impressive and varied collection of activities that offer guaranteed fun for people of all ages!
How about heading off on a Cowboy or Cowgirl Trail Adventure, riding through some of the New Forest's 140,000 acres of wild beauty! Ride a majestic Western Paint horse western-style, a far easier technique than the traditional English-style of riding and great for beginners, along one of the area's incredible trails before heading back to the ranch and tucking in to a fantastic barbecue.
Another perfect alternative to the sofa is Land Yachting, a high-octane pastime for adrenaline junkies in which you'll wing it across beaches at a decent speed. There's also Karting or even the Parachute Jump for the really, really brave!
All of these ideas and more can be found in the Gift Experience Day Extreme & Adventure collection. You'll find your perfect day out there!
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