Jousting Experience

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Jousting Experience

Head back to the good old days where a man’s worth was decided on how long he stayed in the saddle – with a true jousting experience just like back in the days Arthur’s knights. Using a real lance you will be taught the ropes on how to participate in real jousting games, including collecting rings, broad sword and staff fighting. Whether you are a knight or a lady this is a truly remarkable experience. 

You don’t need any riding experience to participate in this event, but it would help. Once your riding abilities are assessed your instructor will decide which activities are appropriate. Rest assured that you will have a fantastic time learning the skills of the olden days.

No real riding experience is needed to be able to participate in the jousting experience day, but would be an advantage for certain activities. For safety reasons if the instructor on the day feels your riding is not strong enough for certain tasks, you will make it up in other activities. Jousting demands a different type of equestrian skill and the horses can accommodate any standard of horsemanship! 


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